2014 Oscar Fashion

Another award season has come and gone with it’s crowing jewel The Oscars almost being rained out (was secretly hoping for a glimpse of a streaked spray tan but it looks like all the personal assistants were keeping a watchful eye out for any drippage.)

I do have to say that I had pretty high hopes for the fashion show on the red carpet at the Oscars based on the previous award ceremonies and the hard work that countless designers, seamstresses, stylists, and personal trainers went to in the aid of helping our ruling elite look there very best on the red carpet.

That said, it appears that perhaps the hollywood magic workers had been recruited by the UN for more serious work in helping refugees dress for their long journeys of sadness and neglect from the modern world because the celebrities that we have placed so high upon marble pillars appeared to be a little less….dare I say it? Perfect?

Let’s begin with the BAD…and when I say bad I mean I am disappointed and I know that they could have done better…not bad like my eyes are bleeding and I had to vomit.

Ann Hathaway in this bedazzled disco ball 1990s inspired  Gucci creation…almost as generic as her acting


I do love lace AND Julia Roberts…but this black lace hooker in mourning Haute Couture gown from Givenchy is just sad


And WE GET IT…capes are in!! Thanks for playing Kate Hudson…gorgeous Atelier Versace gown, but um we have seen this already ALL SEASON LONG!! Fire Rachel Zoe as your stylist (assumption her), she is too busy selling mass market polyester fashion on QVC to shop for you apparently.


All I can say about Camilla Alives is…did you really like your curtains that much that you had Gabriela Cadenas wrap you up in them before you went out clashing with your way-to-skinny and tired looking date Matthew McConaughey?


Now for the GOOD…and by GOOD I mean fashion that made me smile and a trend that I am really excited to see…the use of textural fabrics and design details…I mean seriously how many gathered chiffon and pleated satin gowns do we need to see? Love these next three for doing some different yet classically chic.

Thank God for Cate Blanchett and her LOVE of fashion. This Armani Prive gown is elegance at its core. I see bridal knock-offs for years to come.


Bette Midler looked regal and sophisticated in this gown from Reem Acra. Totally appropriate for her age, body type, and for the occasion. Classic Chic.


And Portia de Rossi in that bohemian lace gown by Naeem Khan was breathtaking!


And yes…Brad and Angelina look AH-mazing in whatever they put on but if there had to be an official portrait done for them I think this should be it…Angelina in Elie Saab Couture (my dream job btw) I mean it doesn’t get much more gorgeous then this. Perfection.


Glenn Close would be at the TOP of my GOOD list if it wasn’t for the wrinkles (ON HER DRESS PEOPLE) and for the fact that she is wearing Zac Posen (boycotting him after his terrible treatment of Sandro Masmanidi from Project Runway, don’t know what I am talking about it…google it) I am IN LOVE with this textured black mermaid gown…hair, makeup, and accessories need some serious attention but this gown is killer.


And Meryl…you are the best at Classic Chic (not as fabulous as your gold lame gown but still a winner)


The rest was a snore…YES that includes Jennifer Lawrence in Dior and Lupita Nyong in Prada…two of my favs from previous red carpets but failed to excite at the Oscars.

hbz-oscars-2014-jennifer-lawrence-lg hbz-oscars-2014-lupita-lg

Alright…there you have it folks…my opinionated opinion on the 2014 Oscar Fashions….I leave you with this image, you decide.



2014 SAG Awards out-shine the Globes

The 2014 SAG awards were last night…almost a week after the Golden Globes…and I have to say that its no wonder the Globe fashions were a bore…the stars saved their best looks for this smaller award show. Jewel tones reined supreme on the red carpet in addition to sleek and sexy silhouettes.

My favorites include:


I am surprised that Amy Adams made my good list, but in this Antonio Berardi gown she looks like a real movie star. First I LOVELOVELOVE the color…mixed with the metallic shoes, embellished belt…and then those cut outs. Totally modern, chic, and perfect. I give it an A

Lupita Nyong’o in Gucci…a refreshing color, sleek silhouette, and novelty neck piece all makes for a major fashion moment that doesn’t have to be shared with another star. I give it a solid A

I had to put this one…they are so gorgeous it hurts Camilla is in Donna Karan Atelier


How can you not LOVELOVELOVE Helen Mirren in Escada. Totally luxurious yet fun and totally chic. I give it a solid A



WOW…this is what I have been waiting for from Sofia in Donna Karan Atelier…thank you for no more mermaid dresses, this is so chic it hurts!! I give her an A+++ best of the season!!

slide_333355_3336412_freeOh my bff Sandy. YOU LOOK AH-MAZING in this sexy little green dress from Lanvin. The classic wrap dress has never looked so good. I LOVELOVELOVE this metallic green fabric on Sandy and the red carpet. Only thing is the styling is a little sad. Shoe is a bit flat and she is in desperate need of some bling around her face. I give it a B+

And the…seriously??


Jane Krakowski in Roland Mouret gown with built in lady-diaper



Sad Edie Falco…in I don’t know what but there is some “modern” bathroom missing its shower curtain (if anyone knows the designer let me know)

THUS…the award season is off and running…and if the fashion is only going to get better (and worse) from here I can’t wait for the OSCARS!!

much love
slide_333355_3336420_freeA major fall from grace for Julie Bowen in this bad 70s Carolina Herrera flashback


2014 Golden Globes

Alright, to all 5 of my readers I apologize for this late posting…I wish I could say that I have been VERY busy with something totally fabulous but alas I cannot tell a lie (which is a lie but this time it’s the truth.)

No I didn’t actually watch the Golden Globes but I did fast forward through the DVR recordings and stumbled across some good, some bad, and mostly boring fashion…and the following is my opinionated fashion opinion of people I have never meet and fashion that I will never be able to afford.

First the GOOD…

Not too many people are talking kindly about my good friend Sandy but I am IN LOVE with this modern color-blocked number from Prabal Gurung. This gown plays with color blocking to give Sandy a fabulous silhouette and yet is still dare I say it classic with the black satin and full skirt silhouette. Totally youthful, yet mature, playful, and memorable. I say A



My next fav, along with most “fashion insiders” is the ultra glamorous hollywood diva Cate Blanchett in Armani Privé. I mean seriously, you can’t go wrong in Armani Privé…and this updated black lace dress is fabulous today and will be in 20 years. Totally chic without trying too hard. SOO glamorous. I say A+






Another one of my FAVS was Julie Bowen in this GORGEOUS gown by Carolina Herrera. SOO classy, and elegant, and modern with the color combo. I just LOVE the mix of fabrics with the ladylike sleeves and sexy skirt…perfection. Though the dress feels a little more Fall this color-combo is so in for Spring/Summer 2014. Random thought, curious if her and Sofia traded dresses last minute. I say A+++




And lastly, I think I am the ONLY person who fell in love with Reese Witherspoon (again) in the totally Classic Cali-Chic tank dress from Calvin Klein Collection. The color…perfection, styling simple and chic (that golden clutch is AH-mazing) this is what a movie star needs to look like, young, fresh, and fun. This is also a MAJOR color trend for Spring/Summer 2014 so way to go Reese!! Plus she is a new mom…talk about a killer look, take that 20 year-olds. This is what money and a good trainer can buy.



My can’t-decide-if-I-hate-it-or-love-it-cause-everyone-else does includes:

Sofia Vergara in this gigantic ball gown from Zac Posen. I love that she is trying a different silhouette, and I love the idea of this ball gown…but I HATE the necklace with this dress (I mean seriously what’s wrong with diamonds?) and this skirt is out of control. In white it would be a stunning bridal gown but come on. I say B-

SofiaAND I am going there but Lupita Nyong’s caped red gown from Ralph Lauren…she looks AH-mazing, seriously I do think so. I just don’t know, we have seen this look already from Tom Ford on Gwyneth Paltrow at last year’s Oscars.  I fell bad for Lupita, I think that her stylist did a faux pas by trying to recreate another stars fashion moment. She looks great, but rerun. Sorry. I say C + and fire your stylist…not cool.



My least favorites include:

My other good friend Jennifer Lawrence in this HORRID scrunched-up-lets-play-dress-up-with-grammies-curtains gown from Christian Dior Couture (seriously). Again, I think this is a stylists fault…did that not remember what they put her in for the Oscars WHERE SHE FEEL DOWN?!? Silhouettes are almost exactly the same, plus same color…Seriously, and I can’t get a job? WTF?!?Untitled-1

And then yes, I am going there, picking on the prego Olivia Wilde in Gucci. She looks like a giant python that just swallowed a goat. GROSS. I mean seriously.



Lastly the guys…oh wait I already feel fat and hideous from not leaving the house since October SO I will not research pics of the guys from the Golden Globes…though I will say that this was one of the best Men’s Fashion years that I can remember…and the guys looked great. Though, if I see another brotail I think I might vomit.

Love you all!!


Look MOM, I’m on TV!!

Believe it or not, mom’s know a thing or two.

Oh, btw…this is a personal blog posting so I apologize if you are looking for something high-fashion or celebrity laden style news….this one is ALL about me!!

About a month ago I received a message on Facebook from a reporter for a local morning show in Sacramento, CA inviting me to participate in a design competition. The competition was to be hosted by a Fabric/Arts-n-Craft store where each designer would be given a bag full of mystery items and then allowed 5 minutes to shop the store and then 2 hours to construct a finished look where judges would then select a winner. The prize? The opportunity to design for any of the on-air personalities of the morning show for an entire week.

After reading this message to my mother and chuckling to myself she said “you have to do this” and I was like “are you kidding? You want me to make a complete fool of myself on TV?” Seriously, with my high anxiety level mixed with my low construction skills this appeared to be a combination for a heart attack/complete on-air melt down.

The answer? My go-to professional seamstress (the seamstress title does not do her justice) Donna White who knows everything construction related and my dearest friend and fashion muse Allison Swartzendruber who has been one of my BIGGEST encouragers. My answer and participation in the competition hinged on  these two ladies agreeing to possible humiliation alongside moi. HOWEVER, to my surprise the agreed…so it was a YES from Team Awesome and we began to plan.

After hundreds of questions back and forth to the competition coordinator, talking to past participants, and endless hours of research and draping Team Awesome was ready.


We packed like we were going to a fashion war…suitcases full of accessories, 3 sewing machines, boxes and boxes full of trims, and enough glue sticks to build a small house we were ready. We started out morning at 3am and rushed to the location. After contemplating the absurdity of what we were about to do as we waited in the parking lot the lights of the building went on and it was time to go. After setting up we were given our mystery bags that included a roll of butcher paper and two pieces of chiffon. Perfect. Now to construct something out of these two completely different materials.

The solution? A stretch pencil skirt and chiffon cropped top/caplet…the pattern which I draped the night before in 10 minutes just to have a back up plan. With the guidance of Donna and Allison the decision was made to build the foundation of the top using the butcher paper with a chiffon overlay…and I PRAYED to God for enough time to use the left over pieces for an adorable hat/head piece.

Sewing went smoothly until the TV crew decided to come over for a short check-in interview when two of our sewing machines jammed. Mine never recovered but Donna’s did. After hot-clueing and tapping my model Allison into her butcher paper top it was time to start putting the finishing touches on her look. The pencil skirt was a perfect fit and with special design elements including exposed zipper and front button detail it helped ground the more fashion-forward top. After a momentary designer melt down, we were able to finesse the top to complete our look. God gave me just enough time to hot-clue together an adorable hat and matching jeweled cuff (Allison is still recovering from her burns and has yet to return my text as of today so praying for a quick recovery of her skin and our friendship.)


A fitting with Allison, and the other designer completing his look (he ran out of time unfortunately, and it’s a good thing because he was working on a white leather cap which was amazing)

It was time for the revival. I didn’t realize that I hadn’t taken a breath in 20 minutes and had turned completely white. The judges, a previous winner Uniquka Johnson and Project Runway Season 11 Alumni Richard Hallmarq (exciting), and the store manager gathered in front of our looks and carefully analyzed the “finished” results. AND, luckily before I passed out I was selected as the winner!! I quickly hugged my team to keep me from collapsing and was just SOO excited to have made it through the competition without any major embarrassing moments.

1465296_10201900131720858_1671550170_n                               1463166_10201900138601030_1602067946_n

Video of the win

The prize? I get to dress any of the on-air hosts for an entire week!! I am still working on the final sketches and have already partnered with a local boutique that has offered to sponsor all the fabric for the project. Mom was right, and who KNOWS what doors God will open after this experience. But today, I am just thankful its over and that Mom was right…I needed to do this.


Project Runway Run-down

SPOILER ALERT…incase you are waiting to see the finale DON’T read the following.


As most serious PR fans know the show does decoy collections during NYFW of the top 8 designers so that no one knows (right) who the final three designers are. But thanks to dedicated bloggers like Tom and Lorenzo we are able to see the finale eight collections….and from those I have picked my top two and will let you know who I think  will win it all (though I am pretty sure everyone has it figured out)

Dom Streater


Dom was inspired by retro looks and put her modern city girl vibe into her fabric choices and silhouettes. She played with bold colors such as cobalt and purple and of course my favorite black and white. She was the only designer to showcase swimwear (which should have been left in the workroom) and played heavily with mixing well-tailored pieces and loose fitting frocks. Her evening gowns were fresh and sophisticated with my favorite detail a sheer plastic fabric with black striping that was used for a peplum and shrug…I can’t decide which evening gown I love the most but the shiny wrap front gown did make me gasp.

take a look…


PRS12Finale+Dom+1 PRS12Finale+Dom+3 PRS12Finale+Dom+6 PRS12Finale+Dom+2 PRS12Finale+Dom+4 PRS12Finale+Dom+10 PRS12Finale+Dom+7 PRS12Finale+Dom+8 PRS12Finale+Dom+9 PRS12Finale+Dom+5


Justin LeBlanc

Everyone’s (including Tim’s) favorite and most loved designer on the show. He is genuine and talented and obviously has some amazing talent that thanks to Tim we were able to see more of. He simplified collection was subtle and sophisticated with its muted color palette of white and gray and navy. Justin added punches of fashion with his careful use of modern accessories and textiles with hints of shimmer and sheerness throughout the pieces. The silhouettes are familiar yet refreshing and showcase his diverse talent and attention to the way a modern-day women actually wants to dress. My favorites include the shimmer embellished full-skirted gray dress the sheer overlay white dress and his embellished white dress, PLUS I LOVE the accessories…THUS I predict he is the winner!!

take a look…

PRS12Finale+Justin+1 PRS12Finale+Justin+5 PRS12Finale+Justin+9 PRS12Finale+Justin+10 PRS12Finale+Justin+2 PRS12Finale+Justin+4 PRS12Finale+Justin+6 PRS12Finale+Justin+7 PRS12Finale+Justin+3 PRS12Finale+Justin+8


So I will be watching the finales on Oct 17th to see if my predictions are correct…OH and to see the return of my bff Sandro…take a look at his Finale Outfit…




Seriously Sandro, you ROCK!! Wish we could have seen a finale collection from you!!


Project Runway Opinionated Opinion.

I haven’t felt the need to discuss Project Runway in a while, however the current season has proven to be a little more livelier and exciting in comparison to past seasons. I love the fast that they brought back a contestant from last season (even though it’s Kate, annoying) and that Tim is included in the Judges panel (about f’ing time) and that it’s an anonymous runway show and that we get to see the judges critiquing the looks up close and personal.

ALL THAT SAID…what I want to talk about is the ill-fated Sandro Masmanidi


who was removed/quit/kicked-off the show during last nights episode after what some bloggers are describing as a “heated discussion” with Zac Posen and “disrespectful” outburst in the Designers Lounge. I have had some (as in very little) experience behinds the scenes in “reality” TV and have found that the producers take  A LOT of liberties in editing a show…which is no surprise to anyone. Including the fact that people are casted for certain roles in a TV “reality” show and sometimes are set-up. When it comes to Sandro I can’t help but think that perhaps there was some heavy editing and type-casting in place that helped to create the unfortunate events of last nights episode.

I AM IN NO WAY defending any behavior of his that was obscene, we all have to choose how we want to behave in public and especially to others so I will not defend, excuse, or judge his behavior. I DO however feel it’s necessary to come out in support of his TALENT. I LOVE Sandro’s seemingly “over the top” look, it may come as a shock to American designers and stuffy magazine executives there are different points of view than a basic bandage sheath dress and/or flowy chiffon maxi dress. Not to mention that fashion IS referential…HELLO…culture/music/art/fashion all plays with each other…like every silhouette that marches down a certain designers runway in “new” and “fresh”…seriously. AND…perhaps the BIGGEST AND…how does ANYONE grow without CONSTRUCTIVE criticism…Tim could teach us all how to do that better I think.

After last night’s episode and began to look for as much as I could find of Sandro’s work and I was able to find out that he has been up to A LOT!! He is a favorite of celebrities and red carpet elite and stays very busy with his one-of-a-kind gowns which are sexy and sophisticated and I believe well edited…AND referential (gasp I said it, but as a compliment) to Sandro’s Eastern European in ethnic Russian dress yet mixed with modern/sexy silhouettes and design details. His use of fabric/textiles is SUPER amazing, and very visually interesting…oh I’m sorry I guess that makes him an artist rather than a box store “name brand.”

Here are some of his CURRENT looks that has helped make me even more of a Sandro fan…

601045_620190104660725_64943812_n 941647_620190061327396_512098335_n 971742_620190057994063_1575043761_n 970169_620190094660726_1224826885_n


945576_619845611361841_1503380209_n 6940_619845764695159_1594919426_n 425239_645485108797891_1262615238_n 429961_619847024695033_913891695_n 936987_619845651361837_1897570218_n 971409_619832181363184_1645153922_n

Singer SASHA in one of Sandro’s Jackets



YES..that’s JOAN RIVERS!!! Fashion DIVA in his GORGEOUS Embellished Sweater Coat…perfect!!

292536_620190047994064_1042087395_nYES…this is a Magazine Cover…imagine that!?!

So yes, this ends my opinionated opinion of last nights episode of Project Runway. I am a major Sandro fan, I appreciate his GORGEOUS use of fabrics and textiles, his draping mixed with heavy construction, and overall sense of artistry that he puts into each piece. I will Sandro the best of luck in his future career and hope that he will do as Tim said…”be yourself” and don’t ever apologize for his talent and point-of-view but to stay true to himself…AND it wouldn’t hurt to be nice to others.

That’s it…sorry for the novel.


Inside a Man’s Jewelry Box

Guess what ladies? Guys can wear jewelry too!! Which means he isn’t the only one that should be expected to visit the jeweler during special occasions…thats right, its time you walk jewel encrusted clutch down to your local jeweler and pick up a stylish and manly piece from the new Full Armour collection for your fashionable man.

I guess that opening paragraph might be a little biased but seriously…its time for guys to get something special every once in a while. The Full Armour collection for men by Toronto-based jewelry designer Sally Han and offers a classic mix of stylish and manly pieces that offer interesting details and unique shapes and use leather and metal to create a rugged and elegant design aesthetic.

take a look…

xbold-statement-jewelry.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.x79KcMAPI_ 207074_2_600 207074_3_600 207074_6_600 207074_7_600
The Full Armour Collection is from the company Psalms 91:1  which was inspired by Ephesians 6:10-20 which states “11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” Thus the collection features classic cross details and is intrinsically masculine yet sophisticated. The Psalms 91:1 company and based on social awareness and giving back as much as possible…as detailed in a statement from the company’s website: “Psalms’ has been supporting many different charity organizations throughout the company’s existence. From making a difference for children through Sick Kid’s hospital to supporting the current worldwide crisis such as those in Haiti or Pakistan, helping others and those in need even in the midst of our own is an important value to the Psalms Team.”

Its is always inspiring to find amazing fashion mixed with an amazing company that gives back…that is truly stylish!!