Throw me a bone!

The newly expanded and getting more and more popular by the day women’s collection from Rag & Bone featured beautiful use of golf lame, army green, tonal floral prints, and luxurious leather. Strong yet feminine, retro yet modern, this is one collection for the fashionistas around the world.


take a look…



My personal favs….well actually everything. The leather jackets and skirts are super hot, and anything in electric blue I am sucker for…all in all well done!


go forth and shop!

Rag & Bone engaging Kate Moss for it first ad campaign ever, has no doubt greatly expanded U.S.-based brand’s name recognition, especially in Europe. Judging from the the beautiful collection it is showing for Resort 2013, that growth momentum will continue. Theme include leather, military green, gold lame, tone-on-tone flower prints, all combined create a city chic look that is oh-so au courant. The leather dress and the boots for me is a standout.


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