For the Love of SADAK

Ok, I know that I have posted on SADAK before, the inspirational and culturally infused menswear brand from fashion forward creative genius Sasa Kovacevic. Famous for his bold use of color, prints, and new and bold shapes and silhouettes SADAK has a huge cult following and I hope to see more of his mind-blowing creations stateside soon!

Based in Berlin and with a huge following with the Tokyo streetwear elite SADAK has been making waves in the fashion industry since 2010…and with two years of boundary pushing creations Sasa has put together an intellectual, wearable, and inspiration collection seemingly inspired by a mix of nautical hippies. Relying heavily on tie-dye and nautical inspired prints, and bold pinks and blues. Mixed in are Sasa’s popular black and gold printed luxury fabrics seemingly whipped into bold silhouettes never seen before in menswear. The Spring/Summer 2013 SADAK collection even has an ode to Marc Jacobs lace man dress…and I do believe that Sasa may be given Marc a run for his money.


take a look at the SADAK Spring/Summer 2013 collection….


My particular favorites are the sleeveless printed blazers…perfect for making a statement and getting a few gasps out of stick-in-the-mud family members at the next backyard bbq OR even better summer wedding. I also appreciate the blanket tops, and of course the long lace mandress…perfection. I finally, someone has perfected the man-kimono…comfy, masculine, and beautiful.

Please join the cause and “like” SADAK and lets help Sasa take over the menswear scene here in the US…we need to shake things up!


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